Family taxi



My name is Alecos & I have been operating in Cyprus for 20 years.

My company currently operates up to 20 taxis/buses with passenger capacities of 4 to 25. It is an all year round service, 24 hours per day. Drivers are all English speaking.I operate throughout the Republic of Cyprus & will pick up / drop off at any prearranged point.

All the taxi/buses are fully taxed & insured, well maintained, clean & have air conditioning.

A competitive price list is attached.

If you would like any further information or would be interested in my service, please do not hesitance to contact me.

Family taxi is your usual taxi service.By contacting their website, you will select the taxi type you want. The family service will carry you and your family and provide you with free sits for children. Family taxis are available at all times and will transfer you to any destination of your choice.

What to expect when using family taxi service

Payment in cash.

All payment to the taxi service is made in or debit cards do not apply here. Money in cash is easier to manage and is less likely to fail compared to debit cards or credit cards that can fail at any time. Payment using cash improves efficiency. Cash payments ensure that the taxi drivers can drop you off fast and pick another shift without any delays.

Payment in Euros

The Republic of Cyprus uses euros as its currency. Therefore, it makes sense that payments can only be made in euros. When travelling to the Republic of Cyprus, change the currency to euros to avoid uncalled for inconveniences. This way your transportation will be fast and stress-free.

The normal amount of luggage inclusive in the prices.

This is an incredible deal. You do not have to pay for your clothes or bags by normal amount of luggage it means the clothes or little necessities for your trip. You will only pay the normal fare, and the luggage will be carried for free. Remember it’s just the normal luggage.

Return transfers charged at same rate

Return transfer means that the price you pay one way is the same price you will pay on your way back. For instance, if you were charged 10Euros from the airport to your vacation home, same charges will apply on your way back. (Please note the price I used is purely hypothetical).

Services offered by family taxi service

Airport transport

You can hire a taxi from the airport to drop you and your family off at the vacation home. Remember that this is a family service taxi, and it has enough space for every one member of your family including free sits for your children. Avoid the hectic public bus rides with all the jet lag by simply booking a taxi service to get you to your vacation home comfortably.

Priority delivery service

You may want to deliver a package, mail, or gifts and have no means for delivery. Well, worry no more, provides you priority delivering service. By priority, I mean that your package will be delivered immediately without any detours.

Wheelchair cabs

Wheelchair cabs are also provided for wheelchair users . Therefore, you do not have to worry if you use one. Your transport will be equally comfortable.

Available 24hrs, 7 days a week.This type of cabs help since they consider the disabled and hence helping them move around.

This is the greatest advantage of family taxi. You can hire them at any time. In case of emergency or even when you feel like going out at night you can hire a cab. Their availability throughout is the greatest advantage. Any day anytime you can hire them.