VIP Taxi also provides a VIP service. VIP service is preferable if you are travelling alone or for business or even for a honeymoon. VIP is quiet and cozy and a little more expensive than the Family Taxi. VIP transport has a variety of cars all which are cushy and perfect for your needed VIP treatment.

VIP transport entails;

Airport service.

Airport transport is provided VIP service. You can be transported from the airport to your hotel or vacation house with your wife and friends by the VIP service alone or with your business partners.It is comfortable and peaceful and high class. Enjoy the company of your wife or friends without any noise, just the two or four of you.

Half or full day

VIP transport is available for transport half or whole day. If you are attending many events, you could hire the VIP cab service to transport you throughout the day or half day. You can also hire them full day to attraction tour sights in Cyprus. You can book a full day tour of Cyprus with your family and enjoy the vacation.

Priority or delivery service

If in need of package delivery service,you can visit the VIP service section and have your package delivered to its destination immediately and fast without any delays.

Wheelchair cabs

VIP service also like the family service has a wheelchair cab section. If you need this service, you can book the cab that can accommodate wheelchair and is VIP.It will be more comfortable and easy to access if you are using a wheelchair.

Corporate accounts available

VIP service has a corporate account that provides services for both offshore and native clients.